Premiere: Retro Kid - 'Kool Kids'

Premiere: Retro Kid – ‘Kool Kids’

Retro Kid is a Copenhagen collective that formed around in a local bar called Holberg No. 19 in the Danish capital. They are led by Englishman Jake Juba, who has worked in music and film all over the world, having already worked under several musical guises including Paris Commune, Dorade & Balite and Hunt In Pairs. He kicks off Retro Kid’s creative process by programming wizardly electronics, whereupon his collaborators will cook up embellishments and augmentations to flesh them out into stylish electro-pop jams. There’s the drummer, Fred Bjørn, who “resides in an underground bunker in Copenhagen listening to Japanese folk music,” there’s the male singer Christian Devantier Larsen who “provides a lyrical hygge that melts in your mouth,” and finally there’s the female singer Christiane Karoline Kjærgaard who “brings a bit of glam to the band.

The latest track to be birthed from this hive mind is ‘Kool Kids‘, which oozes and pumps along tirelessly. It seeps into your muscles and urges them to twitch in appreciation of the intertwining and infectious earworm melodies; all stacked into the tasteful production of the song.  Watch the video below.

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