PREMIERE: Those Without Are Back With “Serenity”

Swedish band Those Without is poised to ignite the airwaves once again with their new single, “Serenity”. Following the triumph of their previous hit “Rose-Colored Kaleidoscope“, the quintet is ready to enchant audiences with their signature blend of pop-rock and pop-punk vibes.

Comprising Oskar Westlin on vocals, Martin Spåman and Felix Lindquist on guitars, Filip Burman on bass, and Niki Hursti on drums, Those Without draws inspiration from luminaries like Neck Deep and Hot Mulligan while forging their own distinct sonic path.

Formed in 2017, the band has swiftly risen to prominence with their electrifying performances, seamlessly melding harmonic pop sensibilities with raw instrumental intensity.

Discussing the genesis of “Serenity”, Filip and Martin elaborate on their desire to explore new musical territories while retaining their trademark energy. Lead vocalist Oskar delves into the lyrical depth, highlighting the song’s exploration of mental health struggles within relationships, tempered by moments of solace and reassurance.

With its infectious melodies and poignant lyrics, “Serenity” promises to be a beacon of comfort and contemplation in today’s tumultuous landscape.

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