PREMIERE: UK Artist Marq Electronica Releases Unforgettable New Track

Marq Electronica is quickly making a name for himself in the electronic music world. He has been dropping high quality singles since 2020 with no signs up letting up. In fact, he has a new single that is out TODAY. I can say with confidence that it is one of his best yet. Featuring the wonderful Conrad McQueen, this is a truly unforgettable electronic number…

Marq Electronica is no stranger to a sonically huge club track. With his new single, titled ‘Spirit Of The Shaman,’ he has chosen a more subdued, trancey sound that serves him very well. The track still has a great energy, just of a more relaxed sort. The instrumentation on this track is angelic and sterile at the same time. While it has a cold edge, it is still soulful. I have yet to hear anything from Marq that did not have soul. That being said, it is still very danceable, as always. This is a refreshing single from Marq and further showcases his talent for this genre.

‘Spirit Of The Shaman’ is yet one more great track from a very solid artist. It will fit in wonderfully with the rest of the singles he has released so far.

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