Sara Syms’ ‘Uknown Road’ will take you on the reflective journey of a lifetime (PREMIERE)

Sara Syms‘Unknown Road’ shows us that vulnerability and mystery go hand-in-hand with this spicy hit. This song is giving ‘90s grunge meets southern-gothic, alt-country edge. With heavy tremolo effects on guitar and airy vocals, this song fits right in with other strong female artists like Americana veteran Suzanne Santo. Sara’s voice rises above the entire track and provokes heavy emotion through this spiritual track. Accompanied by distorted vocals and ambient sounds, we see a complex sound form, and we need more. The single and video release tomorrow, but you can listen with Music Crowns today.

You can listen to the single and watch the video here.


‘Unknown Road’ gives us an almost dystopian vibe. The lyrics give us a sense of being hyper-aware and showing no emotion, while still having those uncertain moments. Sara presents such a strong composition that needs to be heard. The themes and aesthetics are so unique and unmatched. This song is definitely an introspective, combat boot-wearing hit. 

Authentic is the word most often used to describe Sara Syms. An artist willing to be intimate and vulnerable with her fans. Her debut album, Fade to Blue, was nominated for IMEA’s Americana Album of the Year and solidified her place on the scene. Sara’s sophomore release, Way Back Home, was an artistic breakthrough for the lifelong overachiever.

After battling struggles with depression/anxiety and some needed time away from the music scene, The songstress essays the duality of life: the sweet and the sour, the hard and the tender, and, of course, the emotions in the title of her homecoming release, The Darkest Light. Haunting and heartfelt, these 10 songs weave ethereal soundscapes and reflective storytelling into a deeply rooted but transcendent tale of survival, growth, and the triumph of love. The album, recorded at New Orleans’ famed Esplanade Studios, will be available in August. 

You can keep up with Sara at her Instagram and Facebook (@sarasyms), or you can follow her at her website,