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Sheyda shares addicting new single ‘GTG’ (Premiere)

Singer-songwriter Sheyda is no stranger to the power of music. Since her debut single “The Dragon” the California native has been spreading her unique and meaningful messages to listeners. Now, she’s back with a female empowerment track that highlights her versatility and strong vocals, “GTG.”

We’re proud to premiere her new single “GTG” exclusively to readers today, which Sheyda co-wrote alongside Willie Breeding and Jessica Cayne. You can pre-save the song by clicking here.


An empowering track with a personal story behind it, Sheyda shared the inspiration behind her latest single, “It has a weird origin story,” Sheyda admits, “I got a last-minute call to take a road trip with two of my dear girlfriends with a guy we barely knew to a state we’d never been in, to a boathouse with more guys we didn’t know. I was quite concerned and demanded that I drive and that I would be bringing a crowbar, made, and all kinds of other weapons, and it all ended up being one of the most magical weekends ever. It was years ago now, and I still see the group of guys every summer.

The genre-bending singer-songwriter also shared how the song has taken on a new powerful meaning, “The song manifested and is now a kind of a call to action to just get out there and not be afraid to take on life, and don’t be apologetic in your doing so,” explains Sheyda.

With new music on the horizon, we’re excited to see what’s next from the breakout artist. “We have several releases planned for the rest of the year and a “GTG” music video coming out that I’m really excited about. Be sure to look out for that,” explains Sheyda. Still introducing herself to the world, one thing is certain: there’s more where that came from.

You can learn more about Sheyda by visiting her on Instagram.

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