The Fur Provides Mental Health Positive Message with Upbeat New Single ‘The Light’ (PREMIER)

An optimistic and forward-looking song, The Light is the most recent single by Swedish artist, songwriter, and producer The Fur, bringing happy and positive vibes to everyone who listens. This track was released today and what makes it even more special is the fact that it’s also The Fur’s birthday!

It’s hard to listen to this catchy song without drawing comparisons to Ariana Grande, as the vocals are undeniably similar. Provided by the wonderful Los Angeles singer, Ashley Alisha, the vocal aspect of this song is a great match for the musical sounds that The Fur has skilfully created, resulting in a well-rounded sonic journey in the shape of a great, summery pop tune.

Despite the upbeat, happy sound, the lyrics are actually discussing mental health issues, giving the song a more emotional layer. In fact, The Fur wrote this song for a close friend who struggles with panic anxiety, and the chorus ‘you have the light in you… you’ll be alright’ acts as a source of comfort and friendship during a tough time.

During the first verse of the song, we hear a chord sequence that takes you to your happy place in no time, with Ashley’s tuneful vocals over the top. Then comes the drop… and it’s a good one, lemme tell you! Most musical sound effects drop out and the vocal is the main focus, with a subtle dancey sound effect bringing the energy, but still ensuring the lyrics are the focal point of the chorus. The Fur may have done this on purpose, as the aforementioned lyrics of the chorus are responsible for getting across the message of the song.

We shouldn’t overlook this clever decision made by The Fur; taking a serious, emotional topic and turning it into a tropical, dance-style song with a positive message is a wise choice. This will likely gain the song even more attention than if it was a slow, sad song, as people sometimes avoid these types of songs if they’re struggling. But this type of tune, especially with the summer upon us, is the perfect type of release.

Happy birthday, The Fur, and congrats on this great new single!