TODAY London-based solo artist Lutfia drops her debut EP ‘So Much For Summer’

At just 20 years old, singer-songwriter Lutfia is delivering a sophisticated collection of pop songs. Lutfia started writing songs at the age of 14 and has not stopped since. This EP opens up with the stand-out ‘Dicaprio Quality’ with its musical-style vocal delivery that’s strong enough to appear on the West End. The longing of finding a special someone is sure to resonate with many. There is a vulnerability yet also strength at play throughout this EP. Listen out for the rich vocal arrangements and sleek rock-style production adding a real bite to the tracks. The drums and guitar will carry your wildest dreams along with these songs.

A personal gem for us is second track ‘Heart Of Stone And Bones Of Steel’. The melancholic vibes of this one sends shivers down the spine. Lutfia really seems to put her all into this, as the song showcases a desire to really inject her songwriting with something truly personal. By being so honest Lutfia is sure to connect with many listeners who have felt similar. The themes of insecurity, isolation and solitude are all explored. There’s ultimately a fight to find the light in the dark, and the songs themselves are sure to shine light into many people’s lives.

‘Prism’ is a fun track with a beautiful marimba or steel drum style riff which is bound to get you moving. The angst and fervourish desire of the song is offset by the vocal layers of the prechorus, before ‘Prism’ erupts into the full arrangement of the chorus. This is catchy, upbeat and unforgettable. Make sure to watch the lyric video for this one too so you can sing along.

The next song on the EP is a piano ballad entitled ‘Just A Stranger’ which has perhaps some of the most poignant lyrics of all the tracks. Lutfia wears her heart on her sleeve, singing of moving away from home and having to realise who she is very suddenly: “I felt like I was just a stranger in someone else’s city”. The combination of warm piano and Lutfia’s voice are pretty heavenly on this one.

‘City of Angels’ takes Los Angeles as its setting as Lutfia’s dreams are projected onto a physical place and all that this wondrous city represents. Once again we are gifted with rich interweaving backing vocals. The guitar on this adds some real grit and attitude too. This is an upbeat song to get up and dance to.

Lutfia’s aim as a songwriter is to incorporate different genres and styles into her work, creating a different world for each composition. Lutfia has a variety of different influences including Christina Aguilera, Demi Lovato, Michael Jackson and Pink Floyd. The EP’s final track has to be a firm favourite of ours. It’s called ‘Last Night’ and was actually released as a debut single in August 2020. Just like previous single ‘Prism’, both appear here as part of the EP, in remixed form. All in all, this is an EP you really shouldn’t miss! Out NOW!

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