TOMORROW: Rory Gillanders To Release Stunning New EP “Wilderness”

October 2021: Rory Gillanders is a free-spirited artist with a sense of wonder and adventure to his music. His most recent release, “Wilderness”, almost reads like a creative manifesto of sorts. The release captures the quintessential elements of indie-folk and alt-country, but Rory Gillanders isn’t the type of artist who is only content with mimicking the biggest names of the genre. On the contrary, he actually wants to dig deeper into the artistry that inspires him, coming up with a big, personal sound that feels so expressive and unique. Ultimately, “Wilderness” comes highly recommended if you like artists such as Bright Eyes, Neil Young, and Wilco, as well as any other musical performer who stands out as a unique example of how to make something within a specific genre, but still stand out from the herd in a very unique way. “Wilderness” jumps out of the speaker with a big production and a really world-class sound, and it allows Rory Gillanders to offer a prime example of his skills and vision overall.

Watch the music video for ‘Eye of a Hurricane’ below:


Find out more about Rory Gillanders, and listen to “Wilderness”, which is available from TOMORROW on all major platforms to stream and download.

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