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Why PlaylistSupply?

Never pay for Spotify playlists with bot streams or for outdated curator contacts again.

PlaylistSupply offers a state-of-the-art music marketing tool that helps you find the best playlist curators.

We created PlaylistSupply as an easy and quick way to search for playlist data, playlist owners and curators, and the contact information of these playlists.

Our mission was to eliminate the long hours of manually clicking, scrolling, and searching on your own for quality playlists.

Our team is comprised of music managers, indie artists, and music industry professionals who were fed up with the shady practices of other playlisting services and wanted a way for any indie artist or artist manager to run their own playlist campaigns.

This tool allows you to spend less time hunting down the right playlist contacts and more time reaching out and getting verified quality playlist placements.

How does the algorithm work?

At PlaylistSupply we analyze public playlists and list you all available information necessary for you and your team to start a Spotify playlist promo campaign.

That includes our revolutionary direct contact finder that highlights playlist curators for which we have a working mail address or social handles stored.

Why search for independent playlists?

Playlists are the new era of music recommendations. Reaching out to the right Spotify playlist curators and playlist owners is one of the most important steps in developing a real fan base or growing an existing one.

It’s the seed that allows for organic online growth.

How and why is PlaylistSupply so effective?

While many people pay for outdated contact lists or fake bot followers to boost playlist stats, our tool lets you easily BUILD YOUR OWN contact list of organic playlists without extensive researching. Anyone can DM a playlist owner, all you need is the relevant information regarding the playlist and curator.

PlaylistSupply takes the heavy leg work out of artist management and lets you focus on the most important elements.

Who typically uses this software?

PlaylistSupply is already very popular among many music managers and licensing services alike.

Its intuitive design makes it the right choice whether you are an indie artist or a music industry guru.

Create a profile and grow your streaming numbers with a customized music promo campaign today!

How much does a PlaylistSupply subscription cost?

PlaylistSupply is a $19.99/month subscription-based service. With your payment you will receive full playlist analysis; name, link, live follower count, owner/curator name and profile link, info text, playlist popularity rank, etc.

On top of this, we provide a Contact Finder which tracks down available playlist curators’ mail contacts.

Lastly, all transactions are handled safely and securely with Paypal or Stripe and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Preparing Playlist Promotion Campaigns By Using the PlaylistSupply Music Promo Tool

The first step is to sign up on and create an account.

After you have registered an account and logged in, head over to the “Tool” page to begin searching playlist owners contact info by genre, mood or any other fitting keyword.

The Search Portal

After you have clicked on the Tool page you will be greeted by the tool and the main search portal. This is where you can type in a genre, similar artist or any keyword you can think of in order to find playlist data and playlist curator contact information.

There will be a search bar with the word “keyword” where you can enter your text.

Search Criteria

Basic- This runs a search with no criteria and will return results even if they have no contact information. This search will bring up playlist data the fastest way possible.

The amount of contact information can be less than with our dedicated contact information searches. This criteria is mostly used for other forms of research, A&R’s, or people searching for playlists without contact info.

Social – Something our team has learned is that organic outreach is the most effective. This criteria has been one of the Most Effective for artists whose marketing goal is to increase their streams by leveraging their social media prowess and following to network with curators over social media.

This runs a search looking for playlist curators’ Social Media contact info.

Running search with this selected will prioritize results that have instagram or twitter contact information attached to their playlist.

We recommend using this for more organic outreach to playlist curators doing outreach or sharing streaming links over instagram direct messages.

Email – This form of outreach is the most transactional and normative way to do outreach! When email is selected you will be able to search for playlists that have an email associated with them.

This is one of the best ways to get in contact with the owners of the playlist to pitch your submission. We recommend starting with this option.

It will allow you to get a feel for how many playlists might be looking to find new organic or want to do paid promotion.

As an indie artist start with generic searches about your genre or city or trends and then get more specific.

Instagram – This runs a search looking for Instagram handles and contact info. Running search with this selected will prioritize results that have instagram contact associated with their playlist.

Twitter – This runs a search looking for Twitter handles and contact info. Running the search with this selected will prioritize results that have Twitter contact associated with their playlist.

Similar Artist – This runs a search for Similar artists to any artist you type it. It primarily works for artists with larger audiences and more mainstream genres. Use this to type in one similar artist and receive results for many other artists with the same sound or genre.

Similar Artist and Email – This runs a search for Similar artists to any artist you type it AND emails for playlists at the same time.

It combines the Email search and the Similar Artist search in the same option. This search option takes the longest compared to all other to populate playlist data and curator contact info in the results table.

Tips for Researching Playlist Curator Contacts

We recommend you get creative with your playlist searches. Start with broad terms, hashtags, and genres and then slowly get more niche.

You can check out popular viral trends on TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media to help inspire your searches.

Think outside the box as well with ideas like venues, cities, activities, and other languages.

The trick is to focus on keywords specific to your genre while also finding playlists that might crossover to other topics. A good variety of searches will return results more likely to match your band or music.

There is no limit to the amount of searches you can run for spotify playlists so it is encouraged to run LOTS of searches.

Start with the most obvious terms like generic genre names, sub-genres, and big artists or bands.

Get more targeted by focusing on more specific keywords, smaller bands, countries, cities, activities someone might do while listening, trends from the likes of Tiktok or Youtube, and words in other languages.

An example of an effective strategy is searching for similar artists. Find 20-30 bands, rappers, singers, or artists similar to you and search them all individually.

This allows you to find playlists which are likely to appeal to the same audience as you and curators who like others that sound similar.

Each search can be saved as a CSV, PDF, or Excel so you can even Search, Save, and then Combine your lists to make one master search.