Sounds in casinos: do they affect the game?

One might think that the main criterion by which players choose an online casino is the chance of winning. Of course, the opportunity to make money is relevant, but every Online Casino Paypal Australia is also famous for its ability to immerse the client in an atmosphere of relaxation and celebration. And this already consists of a pleasant visual component, and from the colourful special effects, and the soundtrack. Although few players pay attention to the background music, it is safe to say that at a subconscious level it has a large percentage of influence on the choice in favour of a particular casino or a particular machine.

Traditional sounds in all gaming machines

Obvious influence

It’s no secret that every player has his own tastes and preferences. And not being familiar with the process in detail, beginners (and many of the more experienced industry insiders) rely on external parameters in the initial choice: comfort of functionality, pleasing to the eye design, non-irritating music and background sounds. There have been precedents when too loud audio effects are so distracting to players that they quickly want to leave the machine, which is invariably reflected in negative reviews. And vice versa – games with no sound at all failed to keep the audience’s attention for a long time.

All of this is easy to track and is based on the simplest concepts of predilections and comfort. Beautiful sounds in all gaming machines attract users and provoke a positive reaction. In addition, well chosen, they add an element of luxury, at the expense of which the casino looks more expensive. So, some slot machines were even specifically designed based on sound: first, a melody and song were written for them, and then the visual design was traced, the most suitable for the character and style. This resulted in a perfectly matched tandem, captivating and memorable by this.

An unobvious influence

In addition to the direct view of the question, we can also think of the influence of music and special effects on the subconscious. It has long been known and repeatedly tested in the casino industry that certain types of sounds push the player’s perception of certain actions. The ringing of coins, the spinning of the reel, the knocking of the ball in the roulette wheel, these and many other effects associated with gambling establishments, adjust the client to the appropriate mode. Without such minutiae, the game begins to unwittingly perceive false, unnatural, which leads to the loss of the player.

Separate value in all gaming machines have the sound of winning and other rewards: the more often he hears the user, the more he is confident in his own success and the longer he wants to play. Positive motivation is considered a well-known enough psychological move that the developers and creators of online casinos do not try to use it. That is why, despite the winning tunes playing regularly, it is still worth personally monitoring the balance, so as not to discover a noticeable loss later on.

Thus, both the background music and a variety of special effects are incredibly important when designing a slot machine at an online casino. They determine how comfortable it will be for the user, how long he wants to stay there and how relaxed he will be without being too vigilant about money. The player should keep in mind that no matter how enticing the sounds are, they have absolutely no effect on the overall payout percentage.