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4 reasons you need to add text to a video

Videos with text are becoming more popular on social media. Here are the best reasons for you to add text to a video you’re making.

85% of American internet users watch videos on any type of device. If you have a product, service, or vlog you’re trying to promote, this can be a rich resource to tap into.

But with so many people creating content and throwing it up on the internet, it may be hard to cut through all the noise.

If you’re creating a video, then you need to ensure it’s easy to digest for viewers. Here are 4 reasons why you need to add text to a video.

1. Many Watch Without Sound

How many times have you been on the bus, and you’re bored, so you scroll through Facebook? On that platform, people share tons of videos, but if you’re in a commuting scenario, you might not be able to hear what they’re trying to say.

When you add text to video, this allows those who are watching without sound to still get your message.

2. It Helps Non-Native Speakers

One of the most powerful things about online content is it can make it across the whole globe. This means your video can potentially reach someone out in China.

Although a decent population of the world understands a bit of English, they may not have a good grasp of the language. If you add text to a video, this can clarify any passages where the speaker’s talking too quickly for them to understand. They can also jot down the words and look them up on a translator.

3. It Can Help You Rank Better in Search Engine Results

To rank as high as possible on search engine results pages (SERPs), many businesses utilize search engine optimization (SEO). This is where you find out what keywords your target audience is searching, and then enrich your website with them.

When you add captions to your videos, this will help with SEO. In turn, this will make your website rank higher and increase the chance of potential customers finding you.

4. It Helps Summarize Key Points

Maybe your viewers are distracted with a crying baby in their arms or a needy dog in the background. Either way, they may not be paying full attention to your video.

If you put up captions that summarize your key points every minute or so, this enables these viewers to glance at that summary quickly to get the gist of things. And if they miss it, they can easily click back and pause the video to read the whole thing.

Make Sure You Add Text to a Video

The next time you make a video, make sure you put some words in it. As you can see, when you add text to a video, it makes it more accessible to others. In turn, your video will get more exposure, and it’ll get in front of the audience you’ve been looking for.

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