6 scientific facts about how music influences intimacy

Scientists, as always, delight us: in the course of a new study, it was found that music improves our sex life and love relationships in general. More than 30,000 people who took part in the survey confirmed that listening to music together brought them closer to their partners and facilitated activity in the bedroom. For one week, the participants in the experiment had to listen to music together. Such a pastime literally brought people together physically.

When people listen to music together, their neurons are activated in sync with each other. Just think: when listening to music together with Asian brides, your neurons work in unison with the neurons of another person, and for reasons that we do not yet fully understand, this process releases the hormone of happiness and love — oxytocin. So, here are six things that happen to you when music becomes a part of your love life. 

1. Music makes you sexier

According to the study, 59% of people said that a partner becomes more attractive if they listen to music that both of them enjoy. It makes sense since people prefer those who have similar interests with them.

2. Music makes you more assertive

Surely each of us has a favorite song, to which we want to rip off our clothes and pounce on someone. According to the study, one in five said that it was the music that made them take the first step in the bedroom.

3. Music makes you more active in bed

Just as music helps us to be active during exercise, it helps us in the bedroom. Couples who listened to music spent 37% more time in bed than if they spent time together in silence.

4. Music makes sex better

One in five people finds that the music played during lovemaking helps them do it much better. Of those surveyed, 47% say music makes the sexual experience more exciting, and 44% said their lovemaking has become more rhythmic.

5. Music makes you say “I love you” more often

According to the study, 18% of people confessed their love under the influence of the song that was being played at that moment. Well, who of us has not confessed his love through songs? It is so romantic!

6. Music brings partners together at all levels

Couples who listened to music together stated that they became significantly closer to each other. And the time spent in the bedroom has almost doubled.

Music unites people and relationships begin. People often start families because they have united in music. Listening to music together acts like therapy. For instance, if there were conflicts and disagreements in the family, it creates an atmosphere of reconciliation, and adjusts positively. Music accompanies us all our lives, both in sorrow and in joy. Thanks to it, people for many centuries are happy, sad, resting, or concentrating their attention on what they love.

So turn on your favourite music, and have a fun night!