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Best music for 4 everyday activities

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Workout Music

High tempo tunes are definitely what you need to get you through any gruelling exercise sessions you might have in your schedule. You might be tempted to pick any EDM playlist and be done with it, but this is not necessarily going to appeal to everyone, and there are arguably better options out there, especially if you do not want to push yourself too hard to songs with over-the-top bpms.

Why not break the mould and go for a retro-themed 80s playlist for your workout? There are so many upbeat options to consider, from pop hits like Girls Just Want To Have Fun and Hungry Like The Wolf to rock anthems like Welcome To The Jungle and Eye Of The Tiger.

Gaming Music

Whether you are blasting enemies in Call of Duty or spinning the reels at Casumo casino, gaming is an immensely popular and varied pastime with over 2.6 billion players worldwide.

Games tend to have their own innate soundtracks, although it is equally common for people to turn these down, crank the FX and pop on their own tunes to set the mood instead.

The type of music you pick should reflect the game you are playing. If you are tired of hearing the same old tracks looping in Minecraft, for example, a deep dive into the ambient soundscapes of Brian Eno is a great shout. Conversely if you are more interested in skydiving into the day-glo world of Fortnite, then the trippy dance stylings of Marhsmello will make more sense, especially since this artist actually held a concert in the game.

Housework Music

Everyone has chores to tackle, and approaching mundane tasks like vacuuming and dusting is rarely a pleasure. You can change all that if you choose music as your motivation, and one of the best genres to tag into this context is hip hop.

As with workout playlists, a sensible motivation for slinging on some hip hop when you have housework on the agenda is that it tends to provide a great underlying rhythm that you can set your actions to. Scrubbing the floors to a banger from Logic or doing DIY in time to a track from Megan Thee Stallion will help you power through the less pleasant domestic duties in less time, or at least make the time feel like it is passing faster.

Dinner Party Music

If you are entertaining people then having a little background music is always a good option, since it will help add atmosphere to the room, ease the awkwardness in the early stages of the evening and keep any pauses in the conversation from feeling too empty.

While you might want to take this opportunity to try and introduce your friends to some of the newest artists you have discovered, it is probably better to make sure that the music does not become the main event and draw focus from the experience of eating and socialising. To that end you have a few options in terms of genre, with soul being a sure-fire selection for a successful evening of wining and dining.

You do not even need to limit yourself to classic soul artists, although there is definitely nothing wrong with dusting off some Motown big-hitters if you do not want to spend hours coming up with a fresh playlist.

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