How to choose the right soundtrack for your travel

Travel music is a must for some people when packing for a trip, while for others it remains something unimportant. However, it’s silly to deny that we all have at least one favourite song that we’d like to add to some unique and precious moment.

What you can listen to while traveling

Start with the main theme

The choice is naturally always purely intuitive and made by personal attitudes for a particular unit of time, terrain, personal fatigue, and state of mind.

Are you on a romantic trip, or are you a desperate adventurer? Or maybe the spirit of romance lives in you? Whether you’re traveling alone or with your other half, loyal friends suggest that you or they choose the main theme for your trip, a musical theme that will become the semantic and emotional beacon of your trip. It could be one track or even the whole album, but this would be the main anchor you start with.

Where are you going?

Why not give your playlist a local flavour? We are not suggesting that you dive into the whirl of folk music alone (although it is certainly an interesting experience). There are so many artists on the world stage today that there is probably at least one in every country whose work is appreciated far beyond its borders. But that is what makes talented musicians good: even in the most unified and popular song, they often manage to add something of their own, native. Why not think of a couple or three natives of countries you are going to and diversify your playlist with music inspired by such places?

Don’t forget about the mood swings

Even in our daily routine, we find a space in our playlists for songs for different occasions: suddenly we feel sad or need to get a boost of energy. So how is traveling any different from other situations? 

You definitely should have a playlist for situations you feel like a rockstar. Imagine yourself taking for rent a car in Dubai and driving it through night city streets. What kind of music do you need? Try not to go to extremes. Too slow and dull songs can put even a vigilant driver to sleep, and aggressive songs can distract from the road.

While on vacation, we, one way or another, have a unique opportunity to be alone with ourselves. Music can play an essential role in such situations.

Maybe this is a time to reconsider your attitude to the music, which caused persistent associations with some specific people and not the most pleasant memories. Songs are just songs, after all, maybe it’s time to release them from the weight of the past? Even your “Sad music” playlist could help you to have a unique experience in a completely different place, so it makes sense to make a travel playlist considering your mood swings.

Take out the headphones and listen to the world around you

This advice, perhaps, logically sums up the previous ones. And why, in fact, is it necessary to listen to something? After all, living in the city, you are likely to listen to something all day long, just to drown out the world around you.

Not only music


Audiobooks are a great way to pass the time on the road, and it doesn’t matter where you are going. You can use special services and online literature stores to help you find your way around


When you’re tired of pre-recorded music, the radio can help. And if you’re not lacking in taste, you’ll tire of the repertoire of most popular FM stations even faster. If that’s the case, Internet radio can save you.

There are thousands of online radio stations. There is always one that suits you and your mood. Listening to any of them threatens a solid minus on your phone balance if you travel long distances. This can be handled in the following way: look for a station in advance and go to its website. All major online radio stations post their playlists. All you have to do is download the songs from those playlists.

We made this article especially for those who are careful in their choice of music. And we hope our pieces of advice helped you to make a music choice a little bit easier.