The powerful effect of music on academic performance of college students

Music Crowns


Writing essays is never an easy task and some typically describe it as a chore or something they would rather put off if possible, but sometimes we have no choice.

We therefore ask ourselves what can we do to prepare or make this daunting task that little bit easier and it is in these instances that we discover music can be of vital importance as a study aid, as it can help with the creative process.

When about to begin writing an important essay it is beneficial for the mind to be clear and stress free, which is why music and writing can often go hand in hand.

Scientific research has identified that music has the potential to help boost a writer’s creativity whilst at the same time giving them a fresh perspective on the subject they are writing about.

Music can also make it possible for the writer to find themselves in a better position to understand the concepts at hand and ultimately music can also act as a motivational aid especially if the subject matter is not that interesting.


Music Boosts Concentration

Extensive research has identified and proved that music carries the potential to activate both the left and right parts of the brain simultaneously, this helps improve the learning process and at the same can jog our memory in regards to facts we already learnt.

Listening to a mellow song whilst writing an essay is a good way in which to boost our concentration levels, especially when the writer finds themselves in situations of stress and high pressure.

White Noise

Research has also identified that white noise is necessary in order to improve the concentration of a writer.

For example the sounds of the wind blowing, birds chirping, and ocean waves can break down the boredom of silence and also increase the writer’s productivity.

The writer can also listen to instrumental music as this helps create and foster a peaceful atmosphere in your working space.


Music provides inspiration

It has also been proven that listening to our favourite songs in the background can do wonders for both our mood and concentration levels and in some cases students can associate a certain moment of study with a particular song, which helps them with the memorisation technique.

Recent studies have also demonstrated that music can have a beneficial effect on creativity.

At the same time, decades have been spent researching how sound affects work productivity.

A review of laboratory research on this topic shows that there is a phenomenon called “inappropriate sound effect”.

This means that in some cases or for some people listening to music is not as beneficial.


In particular, Simone M. Ritter and Sam Ferguson of the University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands have shown in their recent work that people who perform creative tasks while listening to classical music are more productive than their counterparts who work in silence.

The following types of music will help identify the perfect songs for your writing needs

Meditation Music
Smooth Jazz
Sounds of nature (rainfall, wind, ocean)
Healing music


Final Words
Music is an important part of life. If it helps you become even more productive than before, go for it. But always remember that hooking up to something for increased productivity is an addiction. Always try to find more ways to increase your writing skills and don’t let anything stop you from excelling in essay writing. If you require an academic essay writing service to assist you with your essays then there are plenty to choose from.

Playing music in the background can either help or hinder with the task at hand, depending on what that task is and the type of melodies been listened to.

It is only when we fully understand these relationships will it help people increase their level of productivity.

If the job requires a lot of information, it’s better to work with or without music at all, or with background music.