Tips and tricks on how to add music to videos on TikTok

Popular social platforms allow you to have a nice time. And also to turn it into a way of earning money by displaying videos. So, one of the most popular platforms for this is Tik Tok. The main problem faced by many novice users is the overlay of voice and music on videos in TikTok. How to do it correctly? Let’s find out!

How to add music to videos on TikTok?

A well-voiced video or a well-chosen composition is the key to the success and popularity of any video. It is not always easy to achieve the virality of your track, but you need to strive for it. One of the main distinguishing features of TikTok is the ability to download the necessary music directly on the server. That is, there is no need to download the song first to the phone and then transfer it to the application. Alternatively, you can download royalty-free music or free TikTok music in online stocks and special libraries.

Overlaying a song on a video is also simple, and you can do it as follows:

  • Open the application and go to your account;
  • At the bottom of the screen, find a button with a plus, and then click on it;
  • Create a video on any topic, after which click on the “next” button;
  • Click on the “music” button;
  • After that, a section with musical compositions and a search bar will be displayed. Choose a composition according to the mood or the video;
  • Click on the desired track and cut it so that it sounds best.

To add the audio recording only on a part of the video, it will be enough at the moment of overlaying the melody to select a certain part of it, and where it should start. Unfortunately, in the application itself, you can’t do it, and therefore you will have to use third-party platforms on the internet and then upload the self-edited video.

Why does TikTok turn off the sound when adding a video? 

Sometimes, even though the track was added without problems, it still does not play in the video. What’s wrong with it? Usually, the difficulty is that the author has banned the use of his composition in your area. Unfortunately, it is impossible to fix this. You can, of course, add a song from your device, but the post can be blocked for copyright violation.


 If you found in the list of available songs a certain track, there is a 90% probability that you will succeed with adding it. The difficulties can be related to the following:

  • Application issues. Temporary files and cache can also cause crashes. Try relaunching the TT or clearing the cache to get everything to work.
  • Device issues. Errors can also accumulate in the phone and operating system. Restart your phone, or if many apps crash, roll your device back to basic settings.
  • Social network issues. Developers cannot completely disable Tik Tok, so some functions may stop working during maintenance. In this case, you just have to wait until everything works.

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