Benedict Sinister’s ‘You Dance In The Club’ Those Giants Remix has just dropped!

French /Australian music artist, producer, poet and video creator Benedict Sinister, recently described as “the Banksy of music” today, has just released “You Dance In The Club (Those Giants Remix)” – a lounge remix of his latest single, “Only Sixteen”.  Produced by Los Angeles based DJ and artist Christian B, the single has just been released on Looped Music. This release is the latest in a string of collaborations between the artists, which included the Number 8 UK Club Chart hit, “Going Away.”

“You Dance in the Club” is the ultimate rooftop lounge soundtrack, a subtly infectious piece of classic electronica, with enough oomph to fill the dancefloor, scattered liberally with Sinister’s distinct murmuring of lines like: “so broke, I couldn’t afford to cry,” and “It would better to just let you go / Say I loved you too much as my reason why.” 

Benedict Sinister is a French/Australian music and video artist best known for concealing his identity and his combination of gruff spoken word poetry with lounge beats. Gigsoup says Sinister’s music is “like Leonard Cohen warped into EDM in the coolest way possible.” Artistrack says: “His smart, sexy, sharply-observed songs are a fusion of adult alternative and chill house.” Wonderland magazine call Sinister a “boundary-pushing revered musical veteran.”

Christian B has hosted shows on America’s top electronic dance stations, MARS FMM and KIIS FM in Los Angeles. DJ’ing clubs & warehouse parties since he was 16, Christian has sold more than 25 million records and garnered more than 150million streams as a producer, writer and remixer, solidifying his role as an influential tastemaker in the house & electronic music arena. Together the two artists have created a beautiful sound. As Benedict says in the song, “cutest thing in the world.”

The original version of “Only Sixteen” is an English-language adaptation of the Italian trap song “Autostima” by the underground teen Napolitan-Roman duo Psicologi, that went viral and featured on the soundtrack of the hit Netflix show, “Summertime.” Sinister translated the lyrics and added a new final verse, which includes his trademark reference to other artists, in this case Cat Stevens. It’s his first adaptation of an Italian song, following the success of his Anglo versions of songs by French master lyricists Serge Gainsbourg and Vincent Delerm.

A unique artist, Sinister is entirely focused on reinterpreting the work of others. “Today most people are all about originality, visibility, and authenticity. Those three words mean nothing to me – they are the antithesis of what I want to achieve. That’s why I refuse to show my face – to erase my identity.”  Sinister’s contrarian message also led him to lose his social media accounts and have his videos taken down, thanks to “big tech censorship, hackers and haters.”

Listen here