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Is Social VR/AR the future of music?

As virtual and augmented reality technology adoption continues to grow and develop, Music Crowns sees exciting opportunities for artists and the music industry to capitalise on this new social metaverse.

VR technology is still in its infancy, but music marketers and independent artists are looking to the technology to see how it can help establish deeper connections to fans, help make new ones and provide a new way to perform and tour without the expense of travelling.

Imagine a reality where an artist will be able to create their own virtual world to perform in. That idea is massive as they can invite their fans into their branded world – think Dollywood (the Dolly Parton theme park) but for VR.

VR’s ability to be social and immersive will provide the biggest pull to fans. The first time I put a VR headset on and experienced virtual reality I wanted to show my wife what I was seeing. Social VR now provides us with this opportunity. It has the potential to connect people in amazing new worlds and allow us to now experience VR with others.

Facebook Spaces is a great example of Social VR. It allows users to interact in a virtual environment as if they were in the same room. Spaces uses personalised 3D avatars for friend interaction.

Imagine shared VR music festivals and concerts, gigs, world-scale simulations populated by friends and strangers. As early adopters of social media and technology Music Crowns understand the power of social and the way we consume media is changing.

Black Eyed Peas star, supports the notion that VR is the future of music:

“A shift is happening, a change, people want deeper stories”... (

Music will also feature in games too, like Beat Saber, which will be commonplace in homes across the planet in the next few years.

We believe VR helps music discovery become truly social, that’s why we are excited to announce we are working on MUSIC CROWNS XR – a live Virtual and Augmented Reality music broadcast and discovery platform to connect independent music artists with fans, A&R labels, publishers, brands, sync businesses and TV talent shows, coming 2019.

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