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Premiere: Edina Mira rises again in the mesmerising ‘Gone’

Edina Mira has unleashed the incredible first single, ‘Gone‘, from her forthcoming debut EP, Galaxies.

Gone‘ channels the London-based singer’s battle with letting go, setting boundaries and rising anew from unbalanced relationships. The emotional plea helms a deep sadness that eventually triumphs with a shimmering sense of strength and empowerment.

The track asserts itself instantly as a nostalgic ’80s style synth bass pulses through the ambience like the beat of a broken heart. Mira’s vocals are silky and endearing, especially as the track builds to its climax. Ablaze with haunting chords and the distant echo of a Spanish guitar, ‘Gone‘ gives a big nod towards R&B hits of the ’90s. It’s a genre-bending journey which melds organic and electronic sounds, undoubtedly making a distinct and unique mark on the ever-growing future R&B scene. Listen to ‘Gone‘ below.

Although gearing up to release her debut EP, Edina Mira is no newcomer. Having co-founded the creative collective S.T.I.C.S back in Sweden, her and her acoustic soul and hip-hop group have performed around the world, sharing the stage with legendary acts such as Talib Kweli, Angie Stone and Yasiin Bey (Mos Def).

The Nathaniel Brown produced ‘Gone‘, will be made available across all streaming platforms 30th October with more information on the full debut, Galaxies, as it’s announced.


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