Swedish Artist Dottie Andersson Debuts with “Heavy Objects”

Dottie Andersson is bursting onto the Swedish music scene, bringing her own special brand of sound with her. Layering her music with distinct instrumentation, her own wicked sense of wit and a brand of sound that’s quite unlike anything else you’ve heard, Dottie hopes to make her mark with her debut single, “Heavy Objects.”

Debuting as a new artist is a complicated feat, with many different factors to account for.  For Dottie however, those are all things that she can overcome, mere obstacles towards her path of music stardom. No matter what stands in her way, she pushes forward for the sake of ambition. She wants to put her music out there and make a name for herself, and she’s willing to pull all the stops for it.

Her debut single, “Heavy Object,” is a song that’s all about letting go of your emotions. Unshackling yourself from the things that bind you is a fantasy for most people, and “Heavy Objects” explores this. The ideas are conveyed with a charming sense of with and cleverness, on top of sweet melodies that are sure to stick in the mind of any listener.

Hailing from a musical background, Dottie would grow up as part of the band Ason, along with her three younger sisters. As Ason, she’d gain valuable experience, playing opening and support shows for various different Swedish musical acts. They’d even perform at musical festivals, giving Dottie a taste for the stage that she’d continue to pursue.

For Dottie, her debut single and upcoming EP are the culmination of her efforts so far. She’s been pushing her art forward for years now, mixing her inspirations like Bon Iver, Veronica Maggio and Pheobe Bridgers, with the sounds of her Swedish heritage. The result is a fantastic new sound, one that’s completely fresh and nothing like anything you’ve heard before.

Trying to establish an innovative new sound is difficult, but Dottie does it with unparalleled confidence. Her stubbornness and passion are unmatched, and she channels this into her work. Her work is authentically hers, painstakingly crafted to show off her unique creative vision. As a result, every song she puts out is a reflection of herself as a person, and it makes for an engaging listen.

If you’re looking for a fun new artist that isn’t afraid to push the boundaries and innovate, then give Dottie a look. Explore her music alongside her, as she takes you through the highs and lows of the roller coaster that is life. Who knows, she might just be your next favorite artist!

–Jason Airy