All Night Long 2k21 Remix: Nytron and Softmal are 14 Weeks #1 Nu Disco Beatport Artist

Nytron celebrates #1 sales on Nu Disco Beatport Chart for over 14 weeks; All Night Long Remix has crossed the 1 million streams barrier, plus Fat Boy Slim’s constant support, as seen on Mambo Ibiza this month.


Of course our readers on Music Crowns are thinking right now:  I want to know more about this guy. Yes, you are right. In our music research is very usual to find good artists that aren’t world hits (yet) but Nytron is something else.

With 140 k+ monthly listeners on Spotify and several tracks simultaneously listed on Top 100 most sold tracks in the world – in his genre – Nytron has become a must have for many DJs around the world. It has become customary for Fat Boy Slim to play Nytron’s tracks in his sets as at Mambo Ibiza, on August 12, 2021. The fact that Fat Boy Slim and other great artists have Nytron in their cases is no longer new. Lately, Nytron’s most played tracks worldwide are ”My Girl” and ”Get Down”, both co-produced by Softmal, just as All Night Long 2k21 remix, current top#1 sales on Nu Disco chart on Beatport for the last 14 weeks.



Yes, 14 weeks on top. The track My Girl has been a perennial success since the year 2020 when it reached the top of sales on Beatport within the Nu Disco chart as well, remaining for more than 3 months. Recently Nytron was interviewed by DJ Mag Brasil, check it here! Below you can see that NYTRON is not kidding. In August 2021 NYTRON got 7 tracks in the ranking: Top 1 Nu Disco, Top 25 overall.


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Rock in Rio, Universo Paralello and Green Valley are among the biggest events in the world who had Nytron in their stage.

When it comes to numbers, Nytron’s career is unprecedented. Nytron is responsible for 17 tracks in the top 10 Beatport sales throughout his career, with special success on the Nu Disco chart. In 2015 it conquered the top sales worldwide in the Nu Disco genre and then also the top 6 overall, that is, meanin sixth best-selling track in the world in all genres.

In 2016 Nytron experienced an explosion with fifteen tracks at the same time in the top 100 and also four tracks in the top 10 including the three most sold simultaneously Top 1, Top 2 , Top 3. In the same year he reached the top 1 overall – one of the most difficult feats for an electronic music producer, for sure: best selling track of all genres. Check out Fat Boy Slim playing Nytron – Softmal tracks, on mid August at Mambo Ibiza here.

All of this contributed to the artist’s career reaching another level and, with open doors in front of him, he was able to show his work around the world. Between 2017 and 2021 he returned to hitting the top 1 in practically every year at an average of 6 to 10 tracks on the Nu Disco charts per month and also 2 to 3 in the top 10 sales per year, remaining as a top producer of sales for 6 years. In 2020 he achieved with the track My Girl the best-selling song of the year in the Nu Disco genre.

Nytron is now also involved with a new project, called “Filhos do Rock“, which in portuguese means ‘Sons of Rock’.  Get to know more about Nytron in his social networks.