131-year old mandolin is returned to rightful owner

A 90-year-old woman lost a valuable 131-year old mandolin in Vancouver.

It’s always horrible to hear about an instrument going missing but it’s even worse when it’s one with such sentimental value. The mandolin had been passed on to her from family and had links to Finland and Italy. While dining in a restaurant it appears someone stole it, however, there were no reports of it being found initially. It was obviously very important for it to be returned to her so she contacted the police to see if it could be located.

It only took a week before someone contacted the police with the mandolin. They did not know that it had been stolen or it’s worth so they left it with them. Luckily someone in the department recognised it and got in contact with the woman.

The policeman, Mike Ball, who returned the mandolin got a short performance from the woman who is very talented. In the video, you can see how thankful the woman is when she is reunited with her instrument.