Acapella group Quorum show off their impressive vocals

Quorum are an acapella group that perform original songs and cover versions using only their voices.

The group use their incredible vocals to cover all aspects of the song including percussion, bass, and brass. Their incredible voices make the songs come to life and make it feel like you’re listening to a full band.

The band are from Lithuania and claim to be the only professional male acapella group in the country. They started in 2005 with just four members, including current countertenor and ensemble leader Vitalij Neugasimov.

Šarūnas Navickas is the talented vocal percussionist, Romanas Savickas performs bass, Gintautas Skliutas and Dainotas Varnas are both baritones, and finally Marius Turlajus is the tenor of the group.

You can listen to their impressive vocals above as they perform their version of the popular Finnish song ‘Ievan Polkka’.


Tayler Ross

Tayler has been involved in the Glasgow music scene for years in both engineering and performance capacities. Now in London she is focusing on delivering content on artists from across the country.

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