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Album Review: A Rainy Week In Paradise – Elessar Thiessen

“A Rainy Week In Paradise” is the latest album by Canadian singer/songwriter/producer Elessar Thiessen. The 11 track album displays colourful blends of primarily smooth rock (featured in tracks, “I Don’t Wanna Go” and “When The World Ends”)  with occasional electro pop and classic acoustic performances.

Third effort, “Dear Lover” begins with just the sweet presence of the piano, lasting for a minute, before the seamless  70s-esque soul infused with rock takes over. Stripped back performance seems to be Thiessen’s forte. “Sister” is probably his best offerings of the album as the simplicity of the guitar along with the raw vulnerability in  his  vocals (which was most appreciated in this track) makes for a very touching and heartfelt performance.

Modernised blues also make a short entrance in the album…but not on its own. Second effort, “I Need A Woman” has hints of the gritty genre with electronic pop giving a beautifully echoic soundscape. It comes more prominent and more intriguing  in “You Girl”, thanks to guest powerhouse Alexa Dirks’ low down vocals adding some soulful meat to the recording.

The concluding single, “The Perfect Bloom”, leads with the lone serene guitar gradually building up to the warmth of the bassline which somehow creates a real funky vibe. A Nice touch to the end.

“A Rainy Week In Paradise” is ideal for chilling out with a significant other, friends or even by yourself… but is it the most innovative collection that burst with excitement? That’s debateable. On the flip side, it’s far from a disaster that should be shelved.

“A Rainy Week In Paradise” is available now via iTunes.

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