Album Review: Fire and Lightning – The Lightning Side – Frequency

Album Review: Fire and Lightning – The Lightning Side – Frequency

Without performing a show or recording a single song, Frequency struck gold and landed a record deal last August. Any aspiring musicians may be repeatedly reading the previous sentence, wondering how he managed to pull that off. His secret lies with two genres: EDM and hip-hop.

The 19-year-old came to attention to Hood and Talent Records after his sister recommended they have a listen to the genre breaker and on the basis of a few clips of his performance, they were instantly hooked. With a backing with a deal of his life, 35 songs were recorded some of which made it to his debut double album, “Fire and Lightning –The Lightning Side”, dropped this month.

The Arizona rapper joined forces with Lil Nate Dogg (son of the late Nate Dogg) for an explosion of hip-hop and EDM with intro offering, “Alternate State”. A hint of dubstep-esque tones make an unexpected entry, adding to the adrenalin rush, in the laid back “Lucid”, before becoming progressively dominant and aggressive in appropriately titled banger “Crank It Up”.

There were times where head rolling R&B was added the infamous EDM/rap trademark through “No Sleep”, giving the high-energy combo a real smooth and chilled-out vibe…and there were times when the trademark appears to be nowhere in sight and makes way for other genre combinations. “Pimpin” is a real slick, shoulder-swinging R&B/hip-hop number, where as  ninth offering, “Fantasy” comes in a form of a straight-up, EDM/techno joint, featuring infectiously light bass that’s fitting to mainstream charts.

Frequency’s work of art is like listening to four albums in one collection – so if you’re into EDM, hip-hop, Dubstep and R&B, well you found your biggest bargain of the year. Check it out now!

Tracey Dawkins

For five years, I've been a contributor to various music magazines (mainly in the US). I'm currently in collaboration with a music promoter in New York to promote unsigned artists.

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