Behind The Scenes Of Peter Pavlov’s ‘Memories The Remixes’

London-based Bulgarian DJ/producer, Peter Pavlov’s stock has been rising rather fast ever since he reached these shores little over 12 months ago. Hours of meticulous work in the studio have been paying off big time as household names in the underground electronic music world like DJ Tarkan have been championing his productions and promoters from far and wide keen to book him to play at their events. He has released tracks and remixes on a host of labels including 19BOX, Diamond Blu Records and Flemcy Music and is due to board a plane later this month to appear in Ibiza as part of a Darkest Before Dawn & Exposed Beats Tour. Despite his achievements, however, this likeable gent remains humble and focused.
We caught up with Peter to talk about the recent release on Flemcy Music: An impressive remix pack of his hit ‘Memories’

Hi Peter, thanks for taking time to answer these few questions. For those who aren’t familiar with you, can you tell us a bit out yourself?

Hey, I’m just an ordinary 9am-6pm working guy who spends all his free time in music production. I moved to London a year ago with the idea to turn this hobby into a professional music career. Everything progressed really quickly after I moved here. I managed to do more with my music this past year than in the previous 5! I met some awesome DJs and producers and now we’re part of a collective called “Darkest Before Dawn”. I’ve released music and got established in the underground scene as a DJ and producer myself. It’s been an awesome journey and I’ll continue to walk it at all costs.

I don’t have a crate of released songs yet (only 8 at the moment) but so far I’ve won a Beatport contest for best remix and other two EP’s reached Top 10 in Beatport Releases, so I think I’m heading to the right direction. Seemingly there are people who like my music productions (laughs).

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How would you describe a typical Peter Pavlov track using only five words?
Uplifting, mysterious, playful, crazy, groovy

What were the reasons for you and Flemcy Music teaming up again to release a remix EP of ‘Memories’.
Actually, the idea to remix ‘Memories’ was Anthony Francis’. He told us that he has this melody in his head and he asked to do a remix. It just so happened he wasn’t the only one who wanted to do a remix and so in no time we had our EP.

The guys said they loved the melody (at least they told me this (laughs)) and wanted to experiment with it.

Sue La Vie, Adonis Rivera, Ornery, Anthony Francis and JP Lantieri were tasked with remixing the record. Why and how did you select these artists?
I already knew everyone except Adonis. We are trying to work together as a team and achieve new things together. And as I said in my previous comment, it was Anthony who initiated the EP.

Everyone of them has their distinct music style which brought a uniqueness to this EP. Progressive, Balearic, techno, house, electronica… Wow, who could’ve thought that this song could have evolved so much. I’m amazed.

How long were the artists given to submit their remixes to the label and who had the final say when it came to approving the mixes?
I’m not sure exactly but I think there was a one month time frame for producers to submit their remixes. The final word for approving the remixes was from the label owner but I was also able to give some feedback too. But at the end of the day we didn’t have any misunderstandings since we loved all the remixes.

Were you ever tempted to remix ‘Memories’ for the EP?
No (laughs). This is one of my earliest projects ever. I didn’t have a clue how to do most of the things. This was a journey which I will never forget. When you are working on a track there are so many possibilities. You have to stick with one and finish it otherwise you’ll get lost in the process and may never complete it. (Many producers know what I’m talking about here). This is the only one project (across the early projects) that I decided to submit for an official release.

Do you have a favourite remix and how have they been performing in the clubs?
My favourite is Adonis Rivera’s ‘Angel’ Remix. I’m noticing that all my productions are very energetic. This remix is exactly the opposite – so calm, relaxing and airy. I believe this is the reason I favour this remix. I like all others too but this one really brings out the nirvana feeling.

What do you feel are the advantages of releasing remix EPs?
Each remix brings its own unique feeling and soul. There is the thing about music that if you hear something you may like it or not. While listening you may think of something that can be changed in the song to sound differently but at the end you are still listening to the same song. Here comes the magic with the remixes. A remix can transform the original into something totally different but still keep the main concept.

Can we expect a follow up to ‘Memories’ in a similar style?
Yes, of course. Although I don’t have the opportunity to play this kind of style in venues I love it. As a matter of fact I’m currently working on something similar with most possible final name “Awakening” – it’s a very massive, uplifting track. I can’t wait to release it 🙂

What can we expect in terms of future releases and plans from Peter Pavlov?
Well, to be honest, I’m still experimenting with my productions. One day I may work on a dark deep track and the next day work on some melodic and uplifting track. It really depends on my mood (laughs). I’m not sure if this is a good approach from a professional perspective but I make this for pleasure first of all. If this becomes a problem I’ll just use different nicknames to separate releases.

I’m focusing on working on joint projects with my friends from Darkest Before Dawn. I used to aim for big and established labels but now I prefer to work beside a group of friends, even if we are small players on the market. Uniting is the only way we can go further these days.


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