Brandon Mills gives viewers a chance to look into his heart with video release (exclusive)

ABC The Bachelor‘s Brandon Mills gives his audience a chance to look into his heart with a new music video for his recent single “Glistening“.

Brandon Mills is an American singer-songwriter and cast member of The Bachelor Presents – Listen To Your Heart.

“We were very inspired by films such as “The Revenant” and “Birdman” with the director’s use of the single camera, one-take shots, and decided to make this the focus of our video,” explains Brandon. “No special editing, no hair, and make-up.  Just simple, honest, real love, with all its raw, imperfect challenges and beauty.”

This song is a story about finding new love, waking up next to someone that truly sees you, accepts you, and supports you unconditionally.  Brandon has so often discovered deep complexities of his soul in nature, especially in and around the ocean.  He felt the beach would be the perfect atmosphere to expose this new relationship from the perspective of the songwriter.

You can learn more about Brandon Mills by visiting his website and digitally on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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