BVLCONY reveals new single and music video ‘Waste My Time’

New York based artist BVLCONY has released his new single ‘Waste My Time’, blending indie and alt-pop to create a euphoric soundscape. With smooth, melodic vocals and an earworm chorus, the track features upbeat electronic textures. The accompanying music video features a dramatic storyline and a dark sense of humour, channeling the classic pop videos of the early noughties. Singer-songwriter and producer BVLCONY takes inspiration from hip-hop, pop punk and metal to craft an original sound which showcases his unbounded potential. 

BVLCONY reveals: “This song is about a person being fed up with people that waste their time romantically, and being sick of feeling heartbreak constantly. This person just wants to skip all the BS and get straight to the point because it’s getting repetitive to deal with situations like this over and over. No more games, just focus on what could & should be.”