Dielle – a female singer songwriter with a light touch

With a single titled ‘Fearless’ out now, Dielle is a female singer-songwriter with something of an inspiring story. Working on her latest album (which includes the single you can hear below), Dielle was working with a producer who ended up an overbearing presence. Their work took Dielle a long way from where she wanted to be, musically speaking, and when it was complete she wasn’t happy with it. But, rather than bow to the pressure of the producer and release the music, she cut her losses and said no.

Since then, she has been focussing on creating a sound she feels is more representative – stripped back to piano and vocal. Perhaps she really is ‘Fearless’.

The single is out now, along with the album of the same name.

Dielle will be hoping it is as big a success as previous album, ‘Beautiful Monday’. Her UK tour supporting the LP helped raise £3000 for Oxjam, playing at various music venues in London, Brighton, South Coast, Cardiff, Belfast and the Republic of Ireland. In fact, charity work is vein that runs through DiElle’s life, as she offers support to support Naomi House children’s hospice, The Rowans hospice and cancer research through organising events.

An admirable artist then, and one worth following.