Irvine – self-titled album

Taken from their self-titled debut album, single ‘The Chase’ does a great job of summing up what’s so great about new South African band Irvine.

Fun, energetic, and (most importantly) talented, this three piece have taken the independent scene in South Africa by storm, and have now moved to London in hopes of doing the same in the UK’s capital city. The track above is available from the band’s website as a freebie, working as something of a gateway into what is a very good debut album indeed.

Out now, it finds Irvine on great form, but leaves room for growth as the band continues to mature. In spite of the pace, you get the feeling that this is very considered songwriting, with each self-produced track built specifically and painstakingly to purpose. It’s for this reason, I imagine, that this album is just as effective with the volume turned down.

But, for best results, crank it up.

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