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Leo LeVox

Leo LeVox

Sometime in the late 80s the windows of time opened their portals knowing that the future UK urban music scene would be in desperate need of someone breathtaking and explosive to reinvigorate its creative zest.

This marked the subsequent emergence of Leo LeVox who, with his sweet, vocal kiss of life, is set to revive UK R&B in its essence.

Birthed Leon McCormack, Leo LeVox grew in what can be seen as a clichéd musical background but what separates him from others who have emerged from such is that with him it’s about more than just singing. Singing just isn’t enough; with him it is genuine, untainted passion, which is unquestionably audible in his songs. The smooth melodic delivery of his intoxicating vocal talent are what make him a hot prospect for the industry.

He is not however new to this all. He has already experienced extensive airplay working with UK Bassline producers such as Burga Boy and his voice has played host to the dance floors of reveling party goers up and down the country. During this period of his career he performed under the alias Vocals BM. However after doing Bassline for 2 years and being hit with the epiphany that the genre wasnʼt where his heart was and nore did it allow him to truly express what he was about, he went soul searching. He subsequently returned to his R&B roots. It was at this point he underwent a total transformation and made extensive changes including his name.

[youtube id=”Kc9vsSYDuO0″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

LeVox is a combination of Leon and Vocals and translates to “the voice”. His new refreshing R&B sound and image is what he was born for. Having had a rollercoaster career thus far he has now discovered his purpose and the UK R&B scene will never be the same again.

Leo picked up the Urban Music Crown 2010 and has since gone on to release his winning single ‘Safe’, perform at ILuvLive, The Sunday Show and his first festivals and is currently working on a group project with The Beluga Boys.

What’s for sure is this rising star is definitely someone to look out for. We wouldn’t dare to ignore him, would you?

Website: www.leolevox.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/leolevoxofficial
Twitter: @LeoLeVox

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