Listen to the Hot Chip remix of Katy Perry's 'Chained to the Rhythm'

Listen to the Hot Chip remix of Katy Perry’s ‘Chained to the Rhythm’

The indie electronic band covered Perry‘s new track in their first release since 2015.

Katy Perry‘s new track ‘Chained to the Rhythm‘ reached number 5 in the UK and the US, but is currently sitting at 13 on the UK iTunes chart.

The track has now been remixed by Hot Chip who have given the track a more house edge and a faster BPM. Arguably, this is even better than the original track.

This is the first track from the London band since their 2015 album Why Make Sense?. Members Alex Taylor and Joe Goddard have both released solo albums in the meantime.

There is yet to be confirmation on when Perry will be releasing a follow-up to 2013’s ‘Prism‘.

Recently, a judge sided with Katy Perry in her legal case with nuns to turn a Roman Catholic church into her new home. One nun, Sister Rose Catherine Holzman, had said of the singer:“I’m sorry but I am just not into witchcraft and I am just not into people who are into witchcraft. It disturbs me, and that was our mother house and our retreat house and it’s sacred ground”.

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