Mozez – The Absolute


The first major break for Mozez (Osmond Wright) as a singer came in 1996 when, as part of vocal house duo Spirits, he had hits with Don’t Bring Me Down and Spirit Inside.

He became established worldwide soon afterwards as the lead singer for UK down tempo band Zero7. He worked on the band’s first two albums, Simple Things and When It Falls.

Since 2005, Mozez has built a large following as a solo artist and producer, touring and recording with his own band. His debut solo album So Still was released in October 2005, a soulful album that featured many of the down-tempo elements he had become known for.

Collaborations on the album were with Madonna producer Guy Sigsworth, Nightmares On Wax and Henry Binns of Zero7. He followed up with a re-mix album Time Out.

More recently he launched his own record company Numen Records, and he is producing a stable of new artists for the label. His works have been used for soundtracks to various films such as Running For Time and CSI Miami.

Mozez has completed the production of the soundtrack for the documentary “No Way As Way” celebrating the 40th anniversary of Bruce Lee “Enter the Dragon” which will be released in the summer worldwide.  Here a trailer of the documentary:

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After the release of the first single Wings, produced by Filippo Clary from Gabin, a new EP will be release in late June 2013 including tracks Broken Toy and Be Like Water (which is featured in the Bruce Lee documentary).

MOZEZ – THE ABSOLUTE , the new Album Mozez next album Absolute is a beautiful blend of Trip/hop, Ambient, Downtempo songs, recorded and produced by himself and it is due out in Summer 2013.

The Absolute is a holistic album, telling stories of the joys and pains of life, love and loss. The songs blends tight grooves to dreamy, haunting melodies crafted with harmonic vocal arrangements and they explore the dilemma of choice, compromise, freedom of expression and the yearning for personal significance.

Mozez has created what is arguably one of the most musically innovative, unusual and beautifully produced albums of the year. The video for Wings, the first single from the album remixed by Filippo Clary from Gabin, has received almost 1.5m hits on YouTube to date.

Unlike many other contemporary artists, Mozez’ musical style defies easy categorising.

The Absolute presents a wide range of musical influences, combining soul and jazz with a seamless fusion of references including blues, rock, electronic and reggae. Yet its eclecticism means it breaks down musical barriers and strikes an instant chord with a wide variety of listeners.

“It’s about someone being at the crossroads and deciding about life, their destiny and what our existence is all about,” said Mozez. “It’s from a point in life where you look back on yourself, and value what you have achieved and not achieved. You sit back and analyse all these things, and think where you are within life.” “My vision of The Absolute is that everything had to make sense in telling the story” Mozez said. Mozez and his band are planning a world tour over the coming months to support the new album.

Dates will be announced on the Numen Records web site.



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