Review: Yellow – Charity

In all my years of  writing reviews, Detroit singer/songwriter Charity, is the first to put me in a real pickle. After listening to her latest EP, “Yellow”, I was seriously debating whether I should categorise her music as strictly soul or RnB and after much deliberation, it just didn’t feel right to pigeonhole the EP to a particular genre. Indeed there’s a punch of the two mentioned genres, but I also sense a slight jazzy feel (in Charity’s Corrine Bailey-Rae-esque vocals) with mainstream pop, giving that spine-tingling and warm glow.

Out next month, the four-track EP really kicks off with that soul warming, feel-good factor offering “Pretty”, which displays a very quirky neo-soul vibe bursting throughout the recording along with the equally quirky but soulful vocals. “Inspired” in contrast to the intro track, is a laid-back and almost acoustic number, also featuring that quirkiness that really adds spice.

Continuing the laid-back theme, came third effort, “Beautiful Moments”. The beginning of this track gives the impression it’s going to be a simple but beautiful recording, and then BANG…the quirkiness comes back with vengeance, with Charity’s vocals weaving in and out for the remainder of the production.

Like “Inspired” final track, “Undescribable” is an acoustic number, minus the presence of the neo-soul. Charity drops the quirkiness in her voice, revealing a  richness of classic soulful  vocals which travelled seamlessly.

I was really expecting another track after “Undescribable”, but realised it came an end which was a bit of a disappointment – but that’s what EP like “Yellow” does to you: It lures you in and when least expected, it drops you from a great height, leaving you wanting more of the good stuff. Let’s just hope we hear more from this talented musician who took RnB, soul, pop, and a hint of jazz and created something really special that she can definitely call her own.

“Yellow EP” is set for release on 18th September.