Ruth Brown

We are not talking about the American singer-songwriter and actress Ruth Brown also known as “Queen of R&B”, we are talking about the 21-year-old Ruth Brown from London with a gigantic voice that doesn’t even need a microphone for the world to hear!

In 2012 Ruth Brown was on the first series of The Voice UK, in which Ruth blew coaches away and won a prestigious spot on Sir Tom’s team, which continued throughout the show. However since her departure from The Voice Semi-Finals, she has twitted that she has had no contact from Sir Tom since the show, although Ruth is still young, has a great vocal ability which can still improve. Every time Ruth Brown sings she is singing from inside, her passion comes across with every note then her ability really does make sure it delivers telling a story to the audience.

Ruth was brought up with music-loving parents, she’s got music in her bones. Her ideal way to relax is to write songs, she is naturally an artist and with hard work and a solid team she could become a “International Superstar” in which the press that supported her during the show suggested.

Here’s a reminder of Ruth Brown, keep those fingers crossed to hear her release.

[youtube id=”axvCQt4PetU” width=”600″ height=”350″]


Twitter: @ruthjbrown