How Taimane Makes the Ukulele Sexy Again

If you don’t already know the ukulele virtuoso, Taimane Gardner, add her to your list of new up-and-coming artists. Taimane, meaning “diamond” in Samoan, is a breathtaking performer who adds the grace of a dancer and the fierceness of someone who has found their true passion in life. Taimane can delicately play Bach one minute and without a hesitation, switch to Led Zeppelin covers.

The prodigy picked up her first ukulele at the age of 6. Growing up in a Hawaii, Taimane is partial to her custom built Kamaka ukulele. Kamaka is a family owned business. They have been making ukuleles for almost 100 years. Her instrument is designed with the ukulele virtuoso in mind. Even the design around the sound hole is inspired by Taimane’s tattoos. Ukuleles are becoming more popular around the world and no longer an instrument you only find on the island of Hawaii.

In Taimane’s video “Battle,” her music lures you in with seduction and pure awe of her ukulele skills. This song is from her new album, “We Are Made of Stars,” highlighting different human emotions. The artist has been known for playing covers and artist medleys, but has recently branched out with her new album written by herself.

If you are just in love with Taimane as we are, check out her website at