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Tara Jam Releases New Single ‘Daily Dose’

April 2nd saw the return of Tara Jam with her third single ‘Daily Dose’. With a name prophesising a ‘Star’, it could be argued a pre-curser for her future. Her acoustic-style single covers how everyone shares the same sentiments of pain, but yet we aren’t taught how to communicate it in safe ways. By turning to pills, alcohol and lifestyles that serve as a cover for the pain people feel, we are only hiding what lies beneath.

“This is the exact process that I wanted to write about and indulge in emotionally. It’s about the recognized and repeated destructive behaviours that feel impossible to break since they have been so deeply embedded into our minds and actions. But with all pain, we all hold the power and ability to truly self-examine and heal.  

I would hope this could inspire others to be soft with themselves when they are processing their hurt and trying to overcome whatever is troubling them, knowing that there is an abundance of sources of joy and release that they may access.”

With only three singles in her back catalogue, she has been nominated for “Best Canadian Independent Music Video”, charted on Amazing Radio and her YouTube numbers speak volume. There is no label, and no manager behind her current success, just the passion and drive of an independent artist. ‘Daily Dose’ illustrates a major focus on her vocals and piano playing whilst the authentic tune has a gentle tone, despite its deep message. By claiming this is the first of many acoustic-style songs she will be releasing, she states,

I want listeners to know that this track is truly from the heart, and I want it to be construed however it may relate to you. Hope this helps you get your daily dose of whatever serves and uplifts you”

You can listen HERE

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