The Fur’s Single ‘Forbidden Fruit’ Feels Like Summer

The Fur is on a winning streak since releasing a string of summer-fuelled singles. Despite his debut ‘Americana’ only being released in June of last year, the rising artist-come-producer has racked up over four-hundred thousand streams on Spotify alone. I mean, that’s quite the entrance. His unique brand of electro-pop evokes thoughts of Avicii, Martin Garrix and Zara Larson’s beats. His consistent collaborations with a multitude of musicians make his discography a buffet of bangers.

‘Forbidden Fruit’ is one of those anthems. Working with Krysta Youngs and vocalist Julia Ross, The Fur wrote a summer-inspired electronic anthem. From the opening synth stabs to the gentle guitar lines swimming throughout the soundscape, The Fur sculpted a soundscape swimming in summery sounds. Julia Ross’s vocals soar over this sonic landscape, toeing the line between tender and empowered with ease. Despite being The Fur’s third original release, ‘Forbidden Fruit’ exploded onto the electronic circuit — and rightfully so. The electric energy, mixed with Julia’s entrancing vocals makes for a single deserving of being played on repeat.


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