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Virginia Recording Artist Earl Is Changing The Music Industry

Earl was born in Jacksonville, North Carolina, the son of Glenn Mathewson, an engineer and marine, and Shelby Mathewson. When he was eight years old his family moved to Stafford, Virginia where he attended North Stafford High School.

Earl is a great artist who says that God called him to do this job. Earl has just released a new single “Fire the Fuse”. DC rapper E.A.R.L., is self-taught recording artist and producer. His music is all clean and contains a positive message with no profanity or sexual lyrics.

What made you decide that music was your calling?
“I did not decide my call was music, God did and by His hands alone he has blessed me with the ability to create music to glorify Him first and extend his glory and kingdom. I have been saved since 2000 but there were just so many things I was holding on to and fears that I was letting steal literally my life away, I tried to fit into so many molds as to what I thought I was or wanted to be or what others thought I should be and it never gave me a sense of fulfillment. I began to dabble in music and felt a sense of fulfillment but still did not have a true connection or didn’t realize it. Those around me started to notice that there seemed to be a unintentional message to the songs I was creating. I began to really feel a draw to music and the creative freedom. That’s when fear set in that this was just by chance and that I would eventually lose my ability or style to create music. I struggled for a while going back and forth and little did I know God had been at work the entire time. I knew my ability to create music was from God but didn’t connect that it is for God and who God uniquely created me to be for Him. November 9 2014 in what I thought would be another sermon Sunday routine, God would then change my life forever. Not only through relating current experiences through the sermon but God alone spoke directly into my heart and knew exactly what had been on my heart for so long and He brought a comfort and peace to areas of brokenness in my life I just could not no matter how hard I tried and God revealed to me that music was not by chance and it was not only my passion, but my purpose and I am to use for His glory first. If I am to be honest, I didn’t feel alive until that day. Not to say I didn’t enjoy life but, I was just simply existing, and from that day forward, by Gods power alone, I had a reason to live and to get up and create music for and with a purpose.”

Tell us about your recently released single ““Fire the Fuse””?
Earl : “Fire the fuse is a song about how much of society seems to be very supportive of negativity and it seems to spread quickly, but when someone expression and stands for faith, society seems quick to abolish it and quick to prove faith, hope, and  love to be wrong. However after at the end of this God still stands with His arms open wide to welcome them in to salvation.”

What is next for you in 2016?
I want to grow in my faith first and foremost and continue to reach people. I hope to bring new singles and visual to further submerge the audience. I “also hope to be releasing some performance dates soon.”

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