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Damian Wiseman delivers biting skit on being a one-hit wonder

In this world, ZaFTIG is the band that blew up a few years ago with their hit single ‘Lazy Boy’ but were never able to capitalize on their success, forcing them to return to normal lives with their Kiss-inspired makeup seemingly a part of their everyday look. After one of the members falls into hard times, the group decides to come together to work on a new album with the help of an Adderal-addicted EDM producer to avoid paying the obscene studio fees. They work together to build something new and modern but get rejected by the record label in a fairly harsh manner.

Damien’s focus here seems to be more about the fallout of that initial success and how it followed and affected their lives. There’s one particularly poignant scene that has one of the band members driving in his car with his permanently blasting radio when their one-hit gets put on the airwaves for the umpteenth time. The rage spreads across his face and you can feel that raw anger seeping up as all the emotions wash over him from these experiences. Their last-ditch efforts feel at first like they’re making some headway which makes the ending all the more depressing as they are again left with nothing.

While there are certainly some very funny moments throughout the 11-minute long short-film, the message that we’re left with seems to be to make the most of the moment while you’re in it. Don’t wait until it’s too late to try and rekindle the spark. Be sure to check out the video and draw your own conclusions using the link below.

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