Jeremy Parsons Tugs At Hearts On The Bittersweet “Things To Come”

One of music’s most powerful aspects is its ability to be personally applied to our lives. It’s easy to think that no one understands what we feel and what we go through, but music can prove us wrong. Music is the most universal thing out there, and there are songs like Jeremy Parsons’ song “Things To Come” that show us that someone somewhere feels what we do.

In a way, I feel understood by this song, which is a bittersweet acknowledgement of the past that we can never change and the future that we hope for. The journey of our lives is long and eventful. There will always be things that we want to change about the lives that we’ve lived so far, but instead of looking back, we should look forward to the future and be proud of how far we’ve gotten.

A pure Texan soul, Jeremy Parsons is able to put deep emotions into relatable words, and that is the essence of good songwriting. With a gentle instrumental backing his heart-tugging voice, “Things To Come” is guaranteed to make you reminisce about the past that’s behind you but to also look forward to what’s coming next. Your journey is far from over.

–Mia DeSine