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Ksenia releases official music video for pop anthem: Let Somebody Love You

New York based singer songwriter and actress Ksenia delivers a lush ballad that expands into a powerful anthem, driven by sharp pop sensibilities. Born and raised adjacent to the Sea of Japan in the small town of Nakhodka, Russia, Ksenia’s innate knowledge of Russian folk melody is the perfect subconscious foundation for her unique take on polished and pristine pop, naturally allowing her sound to find an original voice. Detailing dealings of the ‘long hard road’ of a relationship stalling in it’s potential, emotional depth and catchy songwriting drives the track, as it builds from a subdued, intimate verse into a passionate chorus.

Everything is so casual and nobody wants to open up to each other and be vulnerable. Because if you’re vulnerable you might get hurt and no one wants to get hurt. I feel that a tonne of people can relate to this song. We’ve got to try to love freely even if there is a chance of getting hurt because if not, then what is the point?” – Ksenia

The official music video for ‘Let Somebody Love You’ brings strong cinematography through detailed colour palettes and sharp camera shots, drawing on Ksenia’s background in acting (having received her MFA in acting and film at the New York Film Academy).

From the aesthetics of the camera shots, to the proportions and the placement of images of focus, the official music video creates a dynamic visual experience.

As a true creative and triple threat – singer, actor, film maker – Ksenia continues to ‘wow’ audiences with her many talents. ‘Let Somebody Love You’ has the makings of a chart topping single with the grand mass appeal to connect with music lovers and lovers across the globe.

Check out the video for “Let Somebody Love You” below:


Listen to “Let Somebody Love You” below:

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