Chance The Rapper and Kenan Thomas perform Run-DMC parody, ‘Jingle Barack’

This Weekend, Chance The Rapper teamed up with Kenan Thomas to perform a tribute to Barack Obama on Saturday Night Live.

With Kenan as Run and Chance as D.M.C, the pair changed the song lyrics of “Christmas in Hollis” to celebrate Obama’s last Christmas in the White House.

D.M.C himself makes an appearance as Chance’s dad. He warns the Chicago musician to “never trust a white man in a red hat” – making reference to President-elect Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” caps.

The skit also makes reference to Kanye West meeting with Trump and features SNL host Casey Affleck as a breakdancing Jesus. “Hey Jesus, I didn’t know you was a Democrat,” Chance says.

Earlier this year, Chance The Rapper performed ‘Finish Line’, taken from his latest album, ‘Colouring Book’, on SNL. Watch it below.


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