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Lets all appreciate this Twitter account that swaps the music to movie dance scenes

Twitter has been delivering music meme gold this year, but this latest creation is a true masterpiece.

Ever wanted to see Hugh Grant dance to Billie Eilish or John Travolta boogie to Metallica? The answer is yes. You just didn’t know it yet. 

The Twitter account @lewiswake has gifted us with a selection of some of the most famous dance scenes in movie history, repackaged to feature different pop songs playing over the top of them.

The swapping of music in movies has been an internet favourite since the very beginning. that has been done successfully before countless times, but Lewis Wake’s are so expertly crafted,

Have a scroll through and watch some of our favourites below.

The Breakfast Club ft Shakin Stevens’/ Titanic ft Arctic Monkeys

The Breakfast Club‘s coming-of-age coolness may have been squandered by Shakin’ Stevens Xmas jingle, but we can all agree the Titanic’s tap-dancing scene has been vastly improved thanks to a little Sheffield based Indie Rock. Just look at that footwork.

500 Days of Summer ft The Lonely Island/Singin In the Rain ft Linkin Park

The 500 Days of Summer soundtrack is filled with Indie gems. Sometimes, however, to really bring the message home, all you need is Akon.

Strangely, Linkin Park and Singin’ In The Rain might just be the best mashup posted here, it’s eerie how well it works. Gene Kelly’s choreography must’ve been so ahead of its time that it unintentionally foreshadowed Nu-Metal.

Saturday Night Fever ft Metallica/Dirty Dancing ft House of Pain

There’s no denying the iconic Bee Gees soundtrack for Saturday Night Fever, however, John Travolta’s slides and pivots take on a dark, sinister undertone when Metallica bring their heavy riffs to the disco.

Finishing off a dance in style with the always classy Patrick Swayze, House of Pain makes this scene a lot cooler than it actually is. We can’t get over how in sync this is, especially as the growing  group advance through the aisle. This. Is. Art.

(Spiderman 3 ft 50-Cent)

Let’s forget about 10 Things I Hate About You to make way for the greatest dance scene in movie history. Spiderman 3. A bold move at the time and one audiences weren’t ready for. Swap out some swanky lounge jazz for 50 Cent‘s West Coast Hip Hop, and Tobey Maguire‘s evil strutting and finger-pointing takes on a whole new level of creepy.

To watch more of @lewiswake’s editing masterworks see the whole thread here.

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