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Waitrose worker gets signed by music exec during shift

A supermarket worker was signed on the spot by a music executive following a surprise meeting in the biscuit aisle at her work.

Dan Glatman said he only came into the Waitrose store in West Hampstead for biscuits but “left with a star”, after spotting Karina Ramage’s instrument.

Soon after, Glatman asked the 25-year-old why she had it, spurring on the public performance of her self-penned song, ‘Wasteland’.


The musician came in for her shift carrying her guitar when the talent scout known for signing such acts as Blue asked to see her play.

Karina took out her guitar and performed an off-the-cuff performance of her song ‘Wasteland’, a track that can be found on the singer’s Spotify page. Lyrically, the song focuses on our destructive impact on the planet.

The Glasgow-born songwriter who busks in her spare time played the potentially life-changing performance in the shop’s biscuit aisle, to a crowd of surprised shoppers.

Karina’s performance to the 44-year-old executive impressed him so much that Glatman asked to be Karina’s manager immediately.

In the video posted by Glatman, the music mogul can be heard saying: “I’m in, I’m so in. That sounds like the sort of song the world needs to be hearing right now.”

Speaking to the Mail Online, Dan said: “That was just like a hit, she was amazing!” He continued: “I went in there for a packet of biscuits and a bag of flour and walked out with a star.”

Gladman says he is already in the process of finding a record label to sign Karina and is “very excited” to have found such a “rare talent.”

On her sound, Karina describes her music as “pop-folk” with way too many harmonies (in a good way).”

Though small, Karina Ramage has a loyal and dedicated following on social media, with fans calling her “a star in the waiting.”

Listen to ‘Wasteland’ below

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