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Watch Kyle O’Sullivan’s incredible rap about veganism

In Kyle O’sullivan‘s latest video, he uses his rap skills to deliver his powerful opinions on veganism.

Putting his lyrical ability to the test, Kyle preaches about the advantages of living a vegan lifestyle. According to Kyle, it is healthier, more humane and the way human beings were meant to live their lives. The incredible rap takes place early one morning when Kyle is driving in his car possibly on his way to work. His lyrics are witty, funny and at times even controversial and he puts across a good argument for his cause. So, what do you think?

To check out more of Kyle’s hilariously clever rap videos head over to his Instagram page.

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  1. I love this. That really gets me thinking. We’ve been leaning towards healthy living, almond milk, quinoa, etc… and i feel much healthier. Amazing video.

  2. Oh behave. Go suck a duck or something. No one cares what your “opinion” on the matter is. The only people that agree with you aren’t actually people they’re more rabbit if anything. Yh im a Caveman all dat. Buck me at KFC. Mug.

  3. Shut it… preach ur idiocy somewhere else. You sound whiny and simply annoying.

  4. I’m going to eat steak for breakfast, ribs for lunch and a baby rabbit for dinner, but I don’t shout about it and let it define me

  5. Its good information, but the part about not being carnivores is partially true. We are omnivores. Our digestive tract is fundamentally different to cows. Other apes will eat meats and also, we cant eat raw meat because fire fundamentally changed the homo (not sapien, our predecessor) composition. Cooked meat changed our brains, our jaws and our digestion.
    We were hunter gatherers (note the hunt part) thus omnivores.

    Im fully againt the meat industries, but good information is critical to an argument.

  6. If 50% of arguments is just full BULLshit it’s not really getting into, nice skills tho’

  7. Of course there will be ignorant comments to your video from those that do not give a shit about the suffering of animals.
    Also giving up meat for many is giving up part of there cultural and family lineage.
    You haters out there, your fear of something different then you causes you to be reactionary.. we know you suffer and in you’re suffering you lash out at others.

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