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Casper Esmann returns with his stirring ‘Circle Of Life’ Lion King cover

Casper Esmann has unveiled his moving acoustic take on the Lion King‘s ‘Circle Of Life‘, along with some striking visuals.

Performing gracefully in a well-lit woodland area, Esmann delivers his charming acoustic cover of the iconic ballad. Best known for his intricately woven fingerstyle techniques, the talented young instrumentalist creates an atmosphere that’s truly captivating.

Speaking about his rendition, the 24-year-old musician explains: “I did this arrangement for multiple guitars since I thought that a solo arrangement would never do the original any justice.” With a smooth combination of technical guitar drumming and plucking, Esmann performs the Elton John classic beautifully. See for yourself below.

Esmann was raised on a diet of classical piano and guitar, which has subsequently lead to him becoming one of Denmark’s finest fingerstyle guitarists around today. Having played and performed with a number of famous musicians from all over the globe, including Sungha Jung, Tommy Emmanuel, Andy McKee, Joe Robinson and Adam Rafferty, the multi-instrumentalist is always evolving his signature sound.

Earlier this year, Esmann delivered his bluesy take on Daft Punk‘s summer anthem, ‘Get Lucky‘. Check that out here and follow his socials below for more.


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