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Blink-182 are back in the studio and they’re teasing a collaboration with The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers and Blink-182 have recorded a new track together.

Yesterday, The Chainsmokers posted the news on social media, stating that they can “die happy” following the collaboration with Blink.

While Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart might lack on punk-rock credentials, the pair haven’t hid their admiration of the band, even shouting them out in their Halsey collaboration ‘Closer’: “Stay and play that Blink-182 song/ That we beat to death in Tuscon, okay.”

For their part, the punk-rock trio-gone-duo retweeted the Chainsmokers with a few hearts and a pair of cheers-ing beer steins.

Blink-182 have done a hard graft building hype around their upcoming release, with no shortage of snaps of themselves working hard in the recording studio.

Online, fans have had mixed reactions to the unlikely partnership.

Mark Hoppus responded to a comment questioning The Chainsmokers as a collaborative choice, explaining: “We’ve been friends with them for a few years and have tried to collaborate a bunch of different times, but today our schedules aligned and we were all in the room at the same time.”

Meanwhile, ex-member Tom DeLonge has been busy on extra-terrestrial related matters, with a forthcoming TBS sci-fi TV series in the works.

Photo by Danilo Lewis and Harmony Gerber

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