King Krule teases new music and speaks about collaboration with Frank Ocean

King Krule teases new music and speaks about collaboration with Frank Ocean

King Krule has previewed a new teaser clip and opened up about working with Frank Ocean.

The minute-long clip, titled ‘Bermondsey Bosom‘, consists of an instrumental track with spoken word over it. The narrator reads text from a poster that fans recently received. The poster had a photograph of King Krule in black-and-white on one side, and Spanish text on the other. Along with the video, a translation of the text was also shared. Check out the post below.

The video itself consists of seemingly unrelated footage; a boy walking his dog, some men driving, someone cycling etc. before ending with King Krule letting go of a balloon.

King Krule has also revealed that he was working with Frank Ocean and Earl Sweatshirt in an upcoming interview with Pitchfork. After Ocean spoke about his debut album 6 Feet Beneath the Moon in a BBC Radio 1 interview, Krule was asked to collaborate with him although nothing came of it.

Frank was at my house, yeah. His work rate’s crazy; he creates album after album. I don’t know what goes through his head. He’s a different kind of cat. He came down and he wanted me to do something for his record, but I don’t think he liked it.

However, Krule did produce one ‘Death Whistles‘ by Earl Sweatshirt: “[Earl] lived in my house [in London] for four weeks… When they made “Death Whistles,’ it was probably like 5 in the morning. And we made this beat, [which] basically came out of the fact that he was like, ‘This beat’s trash.’ And he slowed it down, super. And he was like, ‘This is some good shit.’ [laughs] I was like, ‘Aight.’

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