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Tuesday Knight releases chilled R&B track ‘Don’t Hit My Line’

New York based Shane Jackson, better known as Tuesday Knight, drops ‘Don’t Hit My Line’ combining a whole host of cool R&B beats and relatable lyrics, the track effortlessly produces a fresh spin on 90’s hip hop. The song is one of eight from his latest body of work ‘Fys’, with each track showcasing Tuesday Knight’s natural talent for creating meaningful rap bars, and expressing his multifaceted and broad ranging talent. The underlying bluesy rhythm and straight talking narrative from ‘Don’t Hit My Line’ shows this artist’s diversity and a fearlessness that is truly gripping. 

Discussing the release, Tuesday Knight explains: “It’s a message for shady people. Please leave me alone so I don’t have to change my number again. It’s about keeping distance from negative energy either being lovers or old friends. The need to constantly reevaluate those around who and who you give access to. It’s about being in a better place in life than when someone left you. Now they want back in the picture and you know you’re better than that.”


Growing up just outside of New York, Tuesday Knight’s musical abilities were certainly ignited from a young age, having huge influence from 90’s hip hop which grew his passion for rap. Taking an alternative route in business at the start of his career after graduating from Cornell, his musical tendencies were hard to ignore. In 2017 Shane Jackson started rapping under the name Tuesday Knight and has since been recognised as BET Jams artist of the week, as well as having built up a strong local following. Growing in popularity, Tuesday Knight’s honesty and authenticity in his music is something worth keeping on your radar.

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